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For all your Investigative Needs and Fugitive Recovery Needs Adept is here for you!!
 Adept has put together a very comprehensive team that can meet your company or personal expectations and more. For more information on how to hire Adept for Investigative services please check out the menu to the left and decide what type of investigative services fit your needs and contact us at Our Recovery Team has a variety of skill sets to trace, locate  and apprehend your skip or fugitive with the upmost professional representation of our clients needs. Your needs are our goal. With our range of tools and different styles all wrapped into one. We provide an unsurpassed service to our clients needs in Fugitive Recovery. To contact our recovery team email for more information on how we can help in any investigations or recovery for your business . Also our newWanted Fugitives Sectionis up for the public to browse some of the Suspects being investigated and tracked by Adept both current and past. Most current fugitives are posted- To inquire about our captured  Fugitives please email  with fugitive name for more information or refer their name from our detained list for more information.  

Wanted Persons Updates...

Bi-Weekly Posting ofWanted Fugitives in Iowa. Information and Records of Fugitives. Most have rewards for information leading to the immediate arrest of the fugitive..More...

Iowa State Law & Statutes...

Ever wondered about certain laws?.. Check out some of Iowa Laws ,Codes & Statues that could effect your everyday life!  More...


For more information about our line up visit our Wanted Fugitives page.

Any and all tips or information on any fugitives whereabouts or leads can be sent via

phone or text to 515-664-4801/ or email

Any person(s) with information on any of our subjects may remain completely anonymous!

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